Wrap Me Pretty

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Sure, between the 3 of us we have a lot of saris… But as soon as one of us wears a sari, everyone has seen it! So we’ve figured out how to drape our saris in different ways to get the most use out of them and give each sari several looks! In sharing the fun, we’ve put together a grid of our top 9 ways to drape a sari. The best part – all of these drapes are easy to do on your own! Read more for a closer look at the styles. As always, feel free to contact us!!

Bengali with Palu Out Style
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Bengali Stylesaridrape2PIN IT!

Long Gujarati Stylesairdrape3PIN IT!

Devdas Stylesaridrape4PIN IT!

Dupatta Palu Stylesaridrape6PIN IT!

Gujarati Stylesaridrape5PIN IT!

Mumtaz Style

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Gujarati Palu Out Style

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Back Dip Style
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Due to an OVERWHELMING request for a “How To” video, we have come up with a tutorial on how to drape each style. We start with the basics and show you how to drape each one of the styles from that point on. The best part of this video is that it shows you how to do it on your own (which is probably the biggest challenge for most of us). We apologize in advance for the quality, however, until we are expert videographers, this is the best we could do! Enjoy and please leave us your comments below! Also, tweet us your versions at @RunwaysRattles!