The Modern Day Arranged Marriage

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Our parents were arranged to be married 35 years ago and they are as strong as ever today. Back in their day, the parents met, then the bride and groom met, then a month later they were sitting in a mandap together. Maybe that’s why people in our generation fear the “arranged marriage.” Well let us tell you – arranged marriages are still around, a little tweaked, but still standing strong. Sheena met Samir (her husband) through Nina who went to college in the same town as he did (Philly). It was arranged in the traditional sense in that they were introduced with the intent of marriage – but adding a little modern element – they dated for a little under a year before Samir asked Dad for Sheena’s hand. Fast foward 10 years – they have a beautiful life, beautiful kids, and a beautiful future ahead of them! So many of our friends have also met their significant others through dating websites and the likes! Get to know the modern day arranged marriage – we can vouch that it really works!!! We’d also love to hear about your “modern day arranged marriage” in the comment section below!

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Vow Renewal Photos By: Attimi Photography, Turks & Caicos (2013)                                                     Wedding Photo By: Jay Seth Photography (2003)                                                                                    Family Portrait Photo By: AFM Photography by Stephanie Murphy