Skirt and Blouse

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Nina has been loving this poof skirt trend going on these days and naturally she wanted to twist it to add an Indian flare. She quickly realized that the skirt works with almost anything and that’s the beauty of it! She grabbed a sari blouse that she has always loved and threw it on top of the skirt and it worked so well!

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The key is to find a blouse that closes in the back! You also want to find a blouse with some detail that makes it pop! Nina’s blouse has this gorgeous flower in the center that added so much to the look!

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If you feel like the look isn’t complete with just the blouse (as Nina felt with this look) try this! Fold the matching sari in half, pin the ends together, pleat it, and drape it over one shoulder like a “chundri” and then add a belt. It’s the perfect way to get a full circle look with the sari and blouse! Adding a belt to tighten it all up just makes this look perfection! It would also look super cute with a full length circle skirt. What do you think?!