From Neck-lace to Head-lace!

UPDATED! Now with a step-by-step tutorial…

headpieceninaPIN IT!

headpiece2PIN IT!

headpiece3PIN IT!

headpiece4PIN IT!

headpiece5PIN IT!

headpiece6PIN IT!

headpiece7PIN IT!

headpiece8PIN IT!

Who isn’t obsessed with headpieces right now? We sure are! We fell in love with the headpieces Priyanka Chopra wore in the song Jiya from her new film Gunday. They are sexy, chic and flirty! We recreated the looks with chains and necklaces from jewelry we already have instead of buying new stuff. Give it a shot with your own pieces – you’ll be surprised with how easy it is to take your old chains and give them a brand new look!

All headpieces from Nina Jewelers / Dress – Arden B


After many requests, we bring you a step by step guide on how to style the above headpieces!

What you’ll need: necklaces, a hair clip and some bobby pins…

HPhowto1PIN IT!

 The Pendant Neck-lace to Head-lace…HPhowtoGrid3PIN IT!HPhowtoGrid4PIN IT!HPhowtoGrid5PIN IT!

The Halo Neck-lace to Head-lace

HPhowtoGrid1PIN IT!HPhowtoGrid2PIN IT!

The forehead Neck-lace to Head-lace

HPhwotoGrid0PIN IT!HPhowtoGrid8PIN IT!