1 Brooch 9 ways!

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When you think “brooch” you usually think “thing of the past.”  Well, as we were rummaging through Mommy Vaid’s drawer the other day, we came across this gorgeous brooch that she hadn’t worn in forever.  We always remember her wearing them when we were younger but somehow they got lost amongst the millions of buckles and trinkets she’s gathered up.  We decided to play around with one and came up with a few different ways to wear a brooch – both in traditional ways and creative ways to make an outfit pop a little!  Check out how Dipti styled the brooch with a sari and a punjabi!

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This first look is with a sari draped Bengali style. In order to keep the pleats of this sari from falling apart, Dipti gathered the pleats together by her waist and pinned the brooch to keep the look clean and simple.

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This look is also done wearing the sari Bengali style. Here, just gather the pleats closer to the top of your shoulder and pin the brooch to let the rest of the pleats fall as they wish!

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Another way to wear the brooch with a Bengali style draped sari is to pin it in the back! Gather the pleats that fall behind you and pin the brooch to the blouse creating a sleek fall of the sari.

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Moving on, we try the brooch with a Gujurati style drape.  Simply gather all of the pleats except the front one to the left of your body and pin the brooch to the blouse.  This looks especially gorgeous when you have a heavy “palu” or end of the sari that you want to show off!

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Also styled with a Gujurati drape, we pinned the brooch here where we would normally put a safety pin to hold the palu. It’s the perfect way to hide a safety pin and also add a little subtle glam!

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When it comes to a punjabi or lengha, you can pretty much go wild with a brooch as there are a million ways you can style a dupatta. Here Dipti just draped the dupatta across her neck, gathered it in the back and added the brooch!

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Sometimes you just need that dupatta out of your way! We love the side drape and gather but hate tying it in a knot! Adding a little brooch to keep it together keeps the look gorgeous and flattering!

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Of course you can always go the traditional way and simply add a brooch where you would usually pin the dupatta on your shoulder! It keeps things basic and still adds that little something to the look!

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Last but definitely not the least, add a brooch to your hair! Try a wavey curl, gather some together and throw a brooch in there!